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Few of us came into early recovery financially stable. We've put together a list of organizations that fund inital sober house costs, such as a deposit and/or first month's program fee. 

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30 Days Foundation

The 30 Days Foundation provies a one-time financial grant paid only to the service provider for Minnesota Residents. 

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Threshold to New Life

Threshold to New Life provides housing grants that support families and build communities in the 7-county Twin Cities area.

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Pink Cloud Foundation

Pink Cloud Foundation's provides housing assistance to those impacted by Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

Ry's Hope Foundation


Ry’s Hope Foundation is a non-profit that offers financial support to those that have completed at least 30 days of treatment and wish to continue their recovery in Sober Housing.

furry friends

Unfortunately, Hammell House does not have the capacity to house your furry friends. We understand that finding pet care can pose a potential barrier to seeking sober housing. However, there are two non-profits we'd like to highlight for you.


The "Pink Cloud Pets" Program aims to connect pet owners seeking recovery from substance use disorder, with safe and loving animal foster volunteers and caretakers across our community.


Individuals who seek services at Elite Recovery can take advantage of their partnership with the Animal Humain Society which offers 60 days of temporary foster care and some vet services (completely free of charge). 

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